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I hate people

I had to deal with some administrative matters today. I know, right? War, peak oil, increasing divorce rates, Bieber fever, and life throws in “administration” just for the kicks! Waiting in line, being at the mercy of petulant government workers who don’t really care, waiting for your number to be called, waiting for the seconds to pass on the wall clock as yet another hour of your life has vanished, waiting, waiting, waiting… All that and more is what I went through today.

In the three hours I was there, I’ve reached two conclusions:

1. People are idiots. Especially those that listen to music on their iPods while waiting for their number to be called. I think “Number A28 please come to window 3, number A28 window 3” has replaced “Shhhhut-up!” as the most annoying thing to say. I must have heard number A28 being called 15 times. And she was right there, two rows behind me, listening to Lady Gaga on her iPod.

2. Some people should not be allowed to have kids. Period. There should be some kind of test you must take in order to reproduce. I mean you have to take tests for everything else, but not for THE most important in one’s life?! There’s something fundamentally wrong with this, right? There was this lady from Argentina who’d brought her 3-year old daughter with her. THE DEVIL CHILD. That kid did not sit down for the 2 hours I was there. She was jumping, kicking chairs, screaming, throwing tantrums, making faces at people. And what was her mother doing? Feeding her chocolate! Because all the rest of us poor people waiting there wanted the sugar rush to go on and on and on until we lost our minds!

Ugh! And to top all this, I have a virus on my computer.

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  • 🙁 I feel ya’… try and have a relaxing WE… admin sucks everywhere, must be a virus THEY get implanted with at their ‘exams’ if they can call them that….

  • this IS sooo true ! 🙂

  • You MUST have been at Services Quebec or Revenu Quebec.

    I went through the same BS when I was at SQ.

    Waiting for A30 to be called and NO ONE SHOWED UP. ARG!!! Then this wild child came in………. honestly.

  • Huge bummer! I totally agree on the kid front. There are just some people who are not cut out to be parents. If you can’t keep a plant alive or have any common sense, producing children should not be an option. Hope you get your virus tackled.


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