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I am grateful beyond measure for the man sitting beside me right now, as I’m typing this. For his love, his support and his care. But ALSO! for providing me with blog content.

Sometimes he just amazes me with all the things he knows and other times he blurts out the most incredibly funny things. Like one day when we were talking about rhinos. Or rhinoceroses, a rhinoceros, another rhinoceros, and so on… A few minutes later, the conversation jumped back in time to the Mesozoic era, and he just couldn’t remember what T-Rex was. A di-no-ceros. No wait! That didn’t sound right. Di-no-saurus… Hilarity ensued, so from that moment on, between the two of us, that’s what we call them – dinosauruses. It has a certain scholarly ring to it, doesn’t it?

And here’s another little nugget D shared with me following his conversation with a client: “It’s so good we can think before we speak. Otherwise I would say a lot of stupid things”.

What do you say to that, really? Except “of course you know, this goes on the blog!”

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  • Cute story. It is great to find someone who can make you laugh.

  • LOL. cute. I love the new word. Dinosauruses. 😀

  • I love your stories. Always so sweet to hear about you and your perfect match 🙂
    xo Mary Jo

  • Classic! Husbands are great for good blog material. Although I try to steer clear as mine doesn’t like to be referenced.


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