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The lid conversation

[I am paraphrasing]

D: The lids on these plastic coffee cups are pretty sturdy.

Me: I sense a good story behind that sentence. Go on, tell me.

D: Well, it happens very frequently when I go to work – I have to somehow juggle a cup of scolding coffee, a muffin, watching a TV show on the iPad and the messenger bag that keeps falling off my shoulder. I sometimes get greedy and actually want to take a bite of the muffin. Getting it out of the paper bag with just one hand is a contortion exercise in itself, but somehow I manage to do it. Then I place the cup of coffee on the iPad, like on a tray… Why are you making that face? But that’s when, somehow, the very delicate balance is broken and I drop the coffee.

[Laughter ensues, on both parts]

D: So back to the lid. Not only do I not spill coffee on myself – well, who am I kidding, not only do I not spill A LOT of coffee on myself, it’s inevitable – or the people in the elevator… Did I mention this happens in the elevator? But also, after this spastic episode, I pick up the cup, and… coffee. I still have my coffee after performing a Cirque du Soleil juggling act.

Talk about first world problems, right?

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