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Non-exhaustive list of sucky moments

  • You carry your big-ass umbrella with you because your iPhone Weather App says 70% chance of rain but not a drop of water hits the grounds. Bonus suckiness if you forget your umbrella at Starbucks.
  • You leave your umbrella at home and get caught in one of those apocalyptic downpours and everything you’re wearing up to the underwear is soaked. Bonus suckiness if you were wearing make-up which is now running down your face turning you into a mix between this and this.
  • You get splashed on your very pretty outfit, moments before getting into your office. Bonus suckiness if some of your coworkers witness the scene.
  • A stuck toothpaste tube. You squeeze the bejeezus out of it and then a gallon of toothpaste comes out.
  • Getting into the shower, only to realize you’re out of shampoo.
  • Pouring curdled milk over cereal. Bonus suckiness if that was the last portion of cereal.
  • Setting the iPhone alarm at 7pm instead of 7am. Bonus suckiness if you have an important meeting that morning.
  • You’re eager to put on clothes directly from the drier only to get burnt by a scorching hot metal button.
  • Leaving your house confident and looking awesome and not meeting anyone of importance the entire day.

Comments (3)

  • A lot of these things happen to me all the time except I have a droid. I totally set my alarm for the wrong time of day ALL THE TIME, though. Since doing that a few times, I check it about 3 times every day.

  • I had just moved to NYC when someone once veered their vehicle directly at a puddle. It was like someone threw a bucket of water at me. I don’t live there anymore.

  • For the umbrella issue, my years in the UK taught me to have many umbrellas; I have one at home, one at work, and one in my car. My suggestion is to just keep an eye out for umbrellas (at like, thrift shops), and whenever you see one, grab it. Just put them EVERYWHERE. Then you can’t lose!

    I also know they have tiny umbrellas you can put into your purse. I’ve been meaning to do research and find a tiny but strong umbrella I can always keep in my bag.


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