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Pet peeves

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White shoes. Even for weddings, I cannot stand them. The design may be gorgeous, nevertheless my brain starts scheming master plans about how to set said shoes on fire. Any shade darker than butter is acceptable though.

Red roses. Yuck! Hate the color, hate the shape, hate the fact that they’re the go-to flower for any occasion for most people. Bring me one of those and I’ll beat you on the head with it.

When you say “expresso”. Are you for real? Do not write it down, or say it out loud.

When you say “macaroon”. Yes, I know macarons are the new cupcakes, all the Internet is going gaga for them, everybody’s trying their hands at new recipes and salivating over pictures from Ladurée. But really, if you cannot stop yourself from defiling these awesome desserts by putting Hershey kisses on top, at least get your spelling right!

Christian_Louboutin_wedges_Miss_Boxe_70mm_No._1090136BK01_original_img_1318314341_236_ pigeon-side 400px-Bottle_Softfocus_2

Wedges. They are an abomination. The ugliest shoes ever invented. It’s like you’re wearing bricks on your feet. Every time you put them on another baby seal dies. Just fyi, the ones in the picture are Louboutins. Still ugly is shit.

Pigeons. I cannot stand them and also I am scared of them. Shell-less snails and any other type of mollusks are more appealing than these disease-infested winged rats. Thank God the trend of releasing pigeons at weddings is dead. I would be one bat-shit-crazy photographer otherwise.

When you purposely add soft focus to a picture. Why would you use Photoshop to make photo worse? Blasphemy!

Any pet peeves of your own?

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  • Can I tell you how much I totally agree with your list except for red roses? 🙂

    MACARONS, people.. M A C A R O N S!!!!!


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