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A winter survival guide

Yet another snow storm hit Montreal the day before yesterday which means I am *this* close to LOSING IT! Above is a photo from a few days ago, from my Instagram feed.

Fortunately I have a few tricks that help me brave these polar winters, which I’m going to share with you today. If you live in Florida or Australia, bugger off, but if you’re from somewhere closer to the Arctic Circle, read on. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually become one of those people who actually loves winter. *Shudder*.

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A good coat and pair of boots are vital. Something light (you don’t need 5 extra pounds on when you’re climbing over heaps of snow to cross the road) but windproof is best. I love my Canada Goose Whistler Parka – it goes down to my knees and the hood is so warm I don’t need to wear an extra hat. I also love my Ugg Adirondacks – they are waterproof, fluffy and suuuuper warm. For a person whose feet are always a few degrees colder than normal, these boots are a blessing.

Moisturize, moisturize and then moisturize some more. Between the outside where every bit of moisture turns to ice and the inside with the heaters on, my skin, my lips and my hair become very dry. So I’m always looking for good lotions and creams. I love these 99% natural ones from Burt’s Bees as well as this one with shea butter from Barr-Co.

Let the sunshine in. I think what gets to me the most during the winter months is the lack of sunlight, more than the actual cold. Sunshine = happiness, so no wonder many people get depressed especially during the last stretch of winter. That’s why I make sure to really enjoy the sun as much as I can: draw the curtains in the morning, go for a short walk at lunchtime (weather permitting), start work an hour earlier and finish the day at 4pm instead of 5pm.

Make a cozy home. Since we’re spending so much time indoors, it’s essential that our home is warm, cozy and welcoming. I  buy a bouquet of fresh flowers (ideally every week, but i don’t get around to it all the time), I light some scented candles like this citrus one from Diptyque or this one from Chapters, and I leave plenty of fluffy blankets in every room in case we get cold.

Hot tea and cocoa. There isn’t anything more soothing after a cold day than some hot tea with lemon & honey or a steaming cup of cocoa. I love Kusmi teas because they have a large assortment to choose from and come in cute, colorful boxes. He he!

Yummy comfort food. I’d like to say I’m baking a lot but I’m not (and sadly I can’t indulge in baked goods due to some digestive issues) but that doesn’t prevent me from making a lot of creamy soups, ragus and stews and even roast beef! W00t! By the way, I think The Pioneer Woman is the queen of comfort food. Check out her blog and cookbook for appetizing, buttery recipes.

Cheer yourself up with color. I don’t know about your city, but Montreal gets so grey and depressing after a snow storm. So I try to wear colorful makeup (like the Nars Schiap lipstick), change my nail polish often (I’m loving the Canyon Coral from Essie), put on happy socks or a colorful scarf.

Board games, books and movies galore. I love playing Taboo when we have friends over. I guess an ideal evening with friends in my mind would equal some kind of board game, homemade pizza and apple cider. Books and movies are awesome too, right? Check out my previous post for a list of novels I’ve enjoyed. In terms of movies, I’ll post a list with my favorites of late, but we love Homeland, Downton Abbey and Episodes (with Matt Leblanc) in case you’re looking for something to watch.

So there you go. Phew, this post took a while to write. is it spring yet?

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  • I love this post! I’ve had the Kusmi Teas before. They’re DELICIOUS!
    Stay warm!

  • I really REALLY wanted those UGG boots but I hated how long it took to relace and unlace them.

    Kusmi teas are great, but I’m a huge David’s Teas fan….. HUGE. Brazillionaire, Buttered Rum.. YUM.


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