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Christmas in New Orleans

I’d like to share some shots taken this December during our trip to NOLA. It was my first Christmas spent at above freezing temperatures. Below are some of the things I liked and captured.

New Orleans-1

New Orleans-171

The lovely Christmas decorations.

New Orleans-23

New Orleans-175

New Orleans-36

New Orleans-182 New Orleans-29

The many antique stores on Royal Street.New Orleans-7

New Orleans-186

New Orleans-164 New Orleans-163

The alleys and courtyards.

New Orleans-34

New Orleans-45 New Orleans-46
New Orleans-162 New Orleans-179

The textures.

New Orleans-22

New Orleans-43

New Orleans-44

Café du Monde and Café Beignet. Not so much the queue outside at 7:30am…

New Orleans-2

New Orleans-172

New Orleans-15 New Orleans-217

The balconies.

New Orleans-31

New Orleans-198

Hotel Monteleone.

New Orleans-4

New Orleans-3 New Orleans-189

New Orleans-187

The Frenchness.

New Orleans-54 New Orleans-204


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  • I went to New Orleans years ago. Only wished I’d gone there with my friends. Beautiful city. Love the balconies.

  • I’ve never been to New Orleans before. How beautiful. I can totally see some French influences in the architecture.


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