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Oregon beaches

A few images taken last summer of the breathtaking beaches on the Oregon Coast. It was quite surreal to see the vast stretches of sand merging into the ocean especially at sunset when the ever-present fog appeared purple with diffused light. Goodness, those are some of the most awe-inspiring places I have ever set eyes on.

Indian beach and Cannon beach on a cloudy day


Oregon beaches-3

Oregon beaches-4

Oregon beaches-5

Climbing the dunes at Cape Kiwanda

Oregon beaches-7

Oregon beaches-8

Oregon beaches-9

Oregon beaches-10

Pistol River beach

Oregon beaches-11

Oregon beaches-12

Oregon beaches-13

Oregon beaches-16

Oregon beaches-17

Hobbit beach

Oregon beaches-20

Oregon beaches-21

Oregon beaches-23

Newport beach

Oregon beaches-24

Oregon beaches-26

Oregon beaches-27

Oregon beaches-28

… and somewhere on the Southern part of the coast

Oregon beaches-18

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  • Absolutely love the last fire. Reminds me of Cape Town.

  • I love these images. So serene and peaceful. My particular favourites are (1) the rocky beach with the moss and (2) the sandy beach with the ocean in the background with the tufts of long grass. Looks so serene! I think the cloudiness works in your favour with the diffused lights. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful as always.


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