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Smelling the psychosphere

During our trip to Louisiana this past winter we took a boat tour of a nearby swamp. The drive during there torrential rain was a sensory experience in itself, and reminded me of scenes from True Detective. The Angry River was the perfect soundtrack for driving through ever-present fog, on never-ending highways, past bare skeleton-like cypress trees covered in moss, through white poisonous smoke from the refineries.


New Orleans-178

New Orleans-128New Orleans-105

New Orleans-104

New Orleans-120

New Orleans-121

New Orleans-123

New Orleans-125

New Orleans-131

New Orleans-132

New Orleans-138

New Orleans-149

New Orleans-124

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  • Damn, these photos are gorgeous.

  • Wow. Don’t take this the wrong way but these are eerie photos! Usually, your photos are very light and even whimsical. These remind me of True Blood. ^_^; Not in a bad way – just really different. I’m half expecting one of these to be an animated gif with a zombie suddenly jumping into the photo. O_O;


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