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Peony season

I always have difficulties answering when someone asks me what my favorite flower is. I mean, how can you choose? But peonies are definitely in my top 3. Whenever I pass them by, their flamboyant petals resembling the dress of a XIVth century courtesan, I cannot stop myself from smiling and snapping a photo.

I’d like to share a few photographs I took in Montreal, in Sq. Saint-Louis on the Plateau. I was experimenting with the free-lensing technique, and I love how the images turned out – hazy, as if you were looking at the scene through your eyelashes, and very dream-like.


IMG_3633 IMG_3632
IMG_3660 IMG_3643



IMG_3648 IMG_3638

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  • Peonies are my favourite flower as well!!!! And orchids too.

  • Gorgeous photos. Definitely gonna read up more on this photography technique. Love the buildings in Montreal.


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