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Iceland–the blue

We’ve returned from a one-week trip to Iceland. Needless to say, our minds = blown. I’ll be sharing some photos during the following weeks (selection will be difficult, because I just want to POST.ALL.THE.PHOTOS.) so I’ve decided to group images by the predominant color. That should be interesting…

So let’s start off with one of the sights I’ve loved the most – Jökulsárlón, the Glacier Lagoon. The view is absolutely breathtaking, but what swept me off my feet, was the smell – fresh, oceany without that hint of fish or algae, the smell you probably have in mind when you think of the sea. First off, the view of the lagoon early in the morning.




Iceland389 Iceland391



I was so fascinated by the blue tint of the ice – the scientific explanation for that is that the ice is so compact that only the blue light (the one with the shortest wavelength) can come through and reach our eyes. Isn’t it gorgeous?


^^^ That’s me on the shore, on the right. Oh, hai! ^^^

Below are some images taken the night before, around sunset, at that magical time when the water surface seemed made of gold.



Stay tuned for more!

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