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Fall in Montréal

I was never a big fan of fall, I think because I always associated it with the end of the summer vacation and return to school. But now, when school is finally over and done with, I am falling more and more in love with fall (yeah, I just had to go there #SorryNotSorry). Some time ago in November, I spent a weekend walking through some of my favorite Montreal neighborhoods, going from shop to shop and café to café in a desperate attempt to protect my fingers from frostbite.

Starting off with some photos from Square Saint-Louis and rue Drolet…

001 - Fall-3

001 - Fall-4

033 - Fall

020 - Fall

027 - Fall

001 - Fall-2

A short detour on rue Saint-Dennis still painted red for La Grande Terrasse Rouge. Such a cool idea!

037 - Fall

035 - Fall

036 - Fall

041 - Fall

A quick pop-in into Kusmi for some delicious Russian blends.

040 - Fall

038 - Fall

Stopping by Zone Maison and wishing you lived there is a must.

044 - Fall

045 - Fall

048 - Fall

047 - Fall

Sunday was spent in Marche Jean-Talon (but more on that later) and exploring Mile-End where I spotted the famous orange Westphalia and had a bit of a mooching around in Vestibule.

071 - Fall

075 - Fall

074 - Fall

073 - Fall

Finally, tied the weekend off with pizza at Café Parvis.

077 - Fall

078 - Fall

079 - Fall

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  • So pretty. I love your photography style.

    PS – I think I’ve been to that cafe before… It looks awfully familiar.


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