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Water unleashed

It’s impossible to pick a favorite thing about Iceland. Between the glacier lagoon, the volcanoes, the black beaches and the moss-covered hills, it’s enough to blow the average tourist’s mind. But waterfalls are probably what captivated me the most.

If I had to find a common epithet for all, it would be violent. Violence and the terrifying force of the water is what went through my mind as I was seeing the falls for the first time, as well as now when I am looking through the photos.

I’ll start with Brúarfoss, the Blue Waterfall, which is nearly impossible to find. There are instructions online, and we had those ready, but we still managed the get lost in muddy fields, and got our thighs slashed by thorny weeds. It was late in the evening when we finally reached the falls (you can hear them before you see them) but the light was still amazing (midnight sun and all). Those few hours spend looking for the falls are one of my favorite memories from the trip.





Gullfoss is probably the most known and most visited waterfall in Iceland. However, this doesn’t take anything away from its beauty.




Skógafoss is a much smaller waterfall, which means you can get very very close to it. Basically until you’re soaked. My cray-cray husband attempted this and he essentially took a freezing cold shower with his clothes still on, only to realize it was a very bad idea. Luckily for him, we went swimming in a hot thermal spring afterwards so hypothermia was averted. Summer is freaking cold in Iceland!





^^ The hot springs we warmed up in afterwards, with a mini-waterfall in the background. ^^

Seljalandfoss is another well-known waterfall, and what is awesome about it is that you can walk behind the curtain of water and see it from a very unique vantage point.





Stay tuned for other installments on our trip to Iceland. What a wonderful place!

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