A woman taking a selfie in front of Hermes shop, Hong Kong

If a woman is traveling alone, it means: adventure, courage, and exploration. Adventure because it is a chance to explore the unknown, courage because it takes bravery to go alone (especially to select countries), and exploration of course.

American women seem to be leading the stats of most solo female travelers, with 72% of them traveling alone. In Q3 2022, the median annual salary of women was $971 per week. In 2021, it was $912. It has been increasing every year, and with the increase in incomes, women are increasingly taking solo travel trips. In fact, currently, women cover up 40% of Business Trips, ones that are often solo. This is a sign of self-dependence, and a growing willingness to take over the world on their own.

A lot of things change each year, however not everything. For example, women will still be women in their solo trips, and do things like over-shopping, and over-indulging. But there are some things that change, which shake up the list of best solo female travel destinations each passing year. Some of those factors include the cost of traveling, safety, convenience, and most of all, the value for money. Here’s a list of the best places for solo female travelers in 2023:

1. Ireland – The safest destination for females

A girl using a laptop in ireland

Talking about travel and tourism, Ireland is the safest destination for females. In fact, in 2022, Ireland was crowned as the safest country for women with a women safety score of 7.88. This directly means a few things: no discrimination, no harassment, no violence. It also means equal rights, opportunities and freedom. As a woman, you and me feel safe in Ireland. We can walk alone, explore the country and live as we wish. The Irish government has made sure that all laws, policies, and resources are in place to protect women’s rights and security.

Local facts: In Ireland, abortion is legal only during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, compared to 24 weeks in England, India, and many other nations. Due to this reason, many women do flee away from Ireland for safe abortions.

2. Bali, Indonesia – Females love nature

Before COVID, about 6.5 million visitors traveled to Bali annually. In 2020, the number dropped to about one million, and in 2021, the number dropped to 45. Yes, only 45. However 2022 has significantly recovered the number of Bali visitors. As of October 23, 2022’s report, Bali has welcomed 1.4 million visitors in 2022. Looking at the recovery trend, 2023 is likely to be the best time to travel to Bali. It is a paradise for the solo female travelers. Like, the stunning beach villas. Don’t you enjoy the nature, girl? Well, beaches are a part of nature too! Even if you do not enjoy the “hilly nature“, there is no female who doesn’t love beaches. Another plus for females is that the cost of traveling is relatively low. Not saying that females love cheaper trips, but it is always a plus with a potential recession in 2023.

3. Hong Kong – Shopping with Class

Hong Kong has no VAT or sales tax, making all items a little cheaper. As a female, I know what it feels like while shopping. Like, we always have an initial plan to stop after a certain spending-spree, and a spare plan for it, but we just can’t. It…it simply happens. And Hong Kong is the cheapest country to shop in the world. I even call it the shopping paradise of the world. Yes, Hong Kong is a safe destination for females. As of March 2022, tourist arrivals to Hong Kong were down to 1800 visitors. This is a significant drop compared to the peak of 6.78 million visitors in January 2019. But again, the pandemic was the main reason. For females in particular, there is no big factor stopping you from getting the shopping experience during your Hong Kong trip in 2023.

4. Switzerland – Luxury Travel

Forbes has predicted that luxury travel will be a key travel trend in 2023. And Switzerland is the perfect destination for luxury female travelers. The country is home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, resorts and activities. Any solo female traveler looking for a luxurious getaway, and looking to go with the trend, should look no further than Switzerland. Switzerland’s 100% women initiative is encouraging more women to explore the great outdoors and to challenge themselves through mountain sports. After being launched in 2021, this initiative has created a positive environment for solo female luxury travelers to experience the stunning Swiss Alps.

5. Singapore – Best Transportation

Women inside a bus in Singapore

For females, transport is a major factor when deciding a travel destination. In some countries, public transport is not safe or comfortable for women. According to a study by Imperial College, London, from 2009 to 2018, women were 10% more likely to feel unsafe than men on urban public transport. However, Singapore is an exception. It has one of the best transportation networks in the world, with dedicated buses and trains for women. The government has also taken steps to ensure that women are safe while using public transport. Apart from safe transportation, Singapore is also known for its cleanliness, efficiency and safety, things that are essential for a female traveling alone.