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The Kraken

D has been testing our new TV & its sound system for two days now.


Precious – one for the Oscars

D and I saw Precious this weekend. When I asked him if he liked it he said “So and so. It was too sad”.
Indeed it was. It is a veritable Book of Job.


District 9

We caught a 9:30 pm show on Monday at a cinema 2 minutes from our house. This meant that 1.


Must-see movies

I feel a bit overwhelmed with movies that seem really, really good.
Like An Education, a movie about “a young girl beyond her years who meets a man beyond his boundaries”.

Life, universe and everything Moviez

The Picard

The aim of this post is to let you know that I think Patrick Stewart is a VERY sexy man.
That’s it. Thanks for hearing me out.
The end.
Just kidding. My rants are never that short.


American gangster

[some spoilers]
I can rarely stand a movie that goes beyond the 2h limit. I get fidgety or I fall asleep (that’s why I don’t like epics). But I love Ridley Scott’s work.