How to recover your suspended google account?

Google account suspended

In Gmail, a broad application with 1.8 billion (yes, b), active users, there are more than 10 million spam and malicious emails every minute. And only 0.05% of automatically spam-flagged messages are not actually spammed. So, it’s quite obvious that some google accounts do get suspended or banned. If this happens to you and you’re trying to figure out how to recover your google account, this article is for you.

First and foremost, if your account was suspended, it’s most likely because you violated one of Google’s policies. The most common reason for the suspension is sending spam messages. Other reasons for suspension include phishing, and creating multiple accounts for invalid reasons that infringe Google’s T&Cs.

Now that you know the possible reason, let’s talk about how you can recover your suspended google account. What you need to do is to appeal the suspension. You can do this by sending a reconsideration request to Google.. Google will then review your case and decide whether or not to reinstate your account.

But is that it? Well, that is. But if you are serious about recovering your google account, here are the things to consider while sending the request:

Be Polite to Google – Google is a machine, and we are its users. By being polite, I mean do not try to trick Google into thinking your account wasn’t used for spamming. Be honest, and explain what happened in detail.

Take ownership of your actions – This is similar to the first point. Google wants to know that you realize you did something wrong and that you’re taking responsibility for your actions.

Offer a solution – Google wants to see that you’re taking steps to prevent the issue from happening again. For example, if you were suspended for spamming, you could say that you’ll be more careful about the messages you send in the future.

Don’t try to fight back – This will only make things worse. Google doesn’t take kindly to people who try to game the system.

Follow up – After you’ve sent your reconsideration request, wait a few days and then follow up with Google. This shows that you’re serious about getting your account reinstated.

Keep these things in mind, and you’ll have a much better chance of getting your account reinstated.

One of my colleagues had to go through a long and difficult process to get her account back after it was hacked.

First, she had to prove to Google that she was indeed the rightful owner of the account. This required her to provide a significant amount of personal information, as well as answer a series of security questions.

Once she had successfully proven her identity, she was then able to change her password and regain access to her account.

If your account is reinstated, great! If not, refer to this page from google.

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