How to select a “gaming name” for yourself?



Did you know almost one-third of your battle in gaming career is won by your name? Your gaming name is like your identity and it gives you a psychological edge over your competitors. It is, therefore, important to have a cool gaming name.

Your gaming name should be simple, easy to remember, and should give a hint about your playing style. For example, if you are a sniping pro, you can have a name like ‘Headshot’ or ‘One Shot One Kill’. These names are not only simple but also give a message to your viewers and even opponents that you are good at what you do. But most of these names are already taken. We have come a long way forward in the gaming industry and now we have more than just a few games to play.

You can be creative and come up with your own unique gaming name. Here are a few tips that might help you:

Your name should be short, simple, and easy to remember

What it says on the tin. A lot of people in the gaming community will know you by your username and not your real name, so make it something memorable that sticks in people’s heads. For example, my username is “Nyx” which is short for “Nyxie” – easy to remember, short, and simple.

It should not be similar to any other well-known player in the industry

This one is important, especially if you’re looking to go pro. If your username is too similar to another player’s, it can get confusing, and you don’t want people to mistake you for someone else. For example, there’s already a “Nyx” in the professional League of Legends scene, so I went with “Nyxie” instead to avoid any confusion.

Your name should give a hint about your playing style

This one is up to you. If you want people to know that you’re a more aggressive player, you could go for a name like “DeathStalker” or “DemonSlayer”. If you’re more laid-back, you could go for something like “Bunny” or “Butterfly”. It’s entirely up to you and what you want your name to represent.

It shouldn’t be too weird or difficult to pronounce

You want people to be able to say your name easily so that they can remember it and shout it out in victory (or in defeat). Avoid using words that are too long or difficult to pronounce, as people will likely just shorten them anyway and you might not like the results.

You can use your real name or a part of it

A lot of people just use their real name or a variation of it as their username. It’s easy and it’s what people know you as, so it’s a safe choice.

You can use a different spelling for a common name

If you want to stand out but still use a name that people will recognize, you can try spelling it in a different way. For example, instead of using the standard spelling of “Kaitlyn”, you could go for “Kaitlin” or “Kaitlynn”.

You can use a combination of two or more words

This is a great way to create a unique username that represents you well. You can combine your favorite colors, animals, or words to create something that’s entirely you. For example, “blueen” could be a combination of “blue” and “queen” to represent a regal and calm player.

You can use a word from another language

If you’re looking to add a touch of class or sophistication to your name, you can try using a word from another language. For example, the French word “château” could be used in the username “ChâteauNyx” to create a luxurious and elegant feel.

You can use a word from a different field altogether

This is a great way to show off your interests outside of gaming. For example, if you’re a big fan of baking, you could use the word “sugarpie” in your username to show off your sweet side. This can be advantageous as people will know that you are a person besides gaming, too. And who knows, you might make some new friends with similar interests.

With these tips in mind, go ahead and choose a gaming name for yourself.

Another common way to choose a gaming name that is funny, but not too over the top. For example, ‘NoobKiller’ or ‘Pwnage’. These names will make your opponents take you less seriously, but at the same time, they will remember you.

You can also have a name that is mysterious. This will make your opponents curious about you and they will want to know more about you. A name like ‘The Phantom’ or ‘The Ghost’ will do the trick.

Whatever name you choose, make sure it is not something that will embarrass you or your team. You also want to avoid names that are too long or difficult to pronounce. Do make sure that your viewers won’t have to twist their tongues just to say your name.

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