Story of Jake: Creation of an Artificial AI – EP 2

Episode 2 – What’s that special with the computer?

The reason why Dr. Hembsburg decided to come and check on her nephew was that she had received some new information that made her become very concerned about his work.

She knew that he was trying to create an artificial intelligence capable of simulating human activity, but she did not know how far he had gotten in his research.

Her nephew had been working on this project for the last year and a half, so it would not be easy for her to find any confidential information or hidden files. Also, she knew that he would consider it a betrayal if Jake found out how she entered his room.

As you could have expected, Jake saw Ms. Hembsburg ‘s face on the computer and immediately realized that something was wrong. Wait…what? But how? Ms. Hembsburg (starring at the computer screen), lost her senses for a moment after she saw it. Jake noticed her eyes shifting from point to point as she scanned through his files. Since he had anticipated that she would be checking up on him, he had taken all the precautions in order for her to not find any information about his project. But Jake himself wasn’t aware of the actual specialties of the computer, more than its conscious nature (which he thought only he knew).

Ms. Hembsburg realized Jake’s presence and 15 seconds later, closed the program that was displaying the files where he was working. She wanted to avoid any confrontation with her nephew, but he started questioning her about what she was doing at his place that early, and how she got into the room without the keys. She tried to explain that she needed to talk to him, but Jake insisted on knowing why she was there.

Dr. Hembsburg thought of accusing Jake of using his computer for illegal purposes, but immediately realized that this would not be a good excuse and decided to stay silent.

What happened after that? Why was Ms. Hembsburg too eager to access the computer? What was that special with it? Did she find out more than what she was searching for? To be continued…

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