Story of Jake: Creation of an Artificial AI – EP 3

Episode 3 – The Secret of Jake’s Computer

Jake’s computer was special because it was the only one that could speak for itself. In other words, it had a form of consciousness. Jake uses it for his AI development, which means that he can learn from his mistakes and “repeat them over and over” until he finds the solution to the problem he is trying to solve.

Ms. Hembsburg knew that her nephew was developing an artificial intelligence program, but she did not know how far along the project had reached. She thought something was special with Jake’s computer (courtesy her last visit), so she came to see him in order to find out if this machine was his secret AI project or if it was just a simulation program or some other nonsense like that.

Ms. Hembsburg said, “Where did you get this Computer from”? He answered, “I built it”. She asked, ”What is it for?” He answered, “I’m not sure yet. I was hoping that you would be able to provide some insight on how to use it. It has already lived several lives. It started out as a pill-shaped robot with three arms and a torso; then I attached it to a walking simulator and had it gone through the motions of life.”

Dr. Hembsburg laughed it out and said, “Okay, fine. I have to leave”. Jake was still not happy with her and said, “Wait. I have more questions.” What were you doing here so early, and how did you unlock my door?” I had the key, and it’s just not possible. But more importantly, please do not use my computer without getting a permission from me. “Fine, Jake. I promise that I won’t, but nevertheless, I have to go. Ms. Hembsburg goes out .

Jake had no idea that Ms. Hembsburg had learned more about his computer than he ever did, and that within a few minutes. She was shocked, exaggerated, curious and a little confused, but she did manage to find out all the information she needed during her visit, and a lot more than that.

Ms. Hembsburg, who has dedicated her whole life to solving scientific problems, is yet to get back to reality. What she saw was just as amazing as what she thought she’d see. It was unbelievable, but it was real. The computer has actually given her some answers to questions she has been asking herself for years.

What did she find out? What was the question in the first place? To be continued…

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