Does a TikTok Video Downloader Work?

TikTok Downloader

Downloading TikTok videos, unless you do it through the app itself, is fraught with challenges. Even a well-reviewed TikTok video downloader can be difficult to use. For one thing, reusing TikTok videos commercially may be a violation of copyright law. Furthermore, the videos you download from external sources are often of poor quality. To learn whether or not TikTok video downloaders work, we first need to understand such platforms further.

Why do people use TikTok video downloaders?

Firstly, the best way to download TikTok videos, as always, is using the TikTok app’s “download” option. It allows users to download their own videos, as well as videos they have liked. And it’s completely free!

However, the videos you download directly through TikTok contain watermarks.

Now, a watermark means a lot of things. It not only means, but shows, that the video is not yours. So, it’s not possible to use watermarked videos for commercial purposes. Again, it does not mean that you can freely use a TikTok video for commercial purposes after downloading with an external video downloader.

However, as watermark distorts the video, you can’t even use it for education, review, or personal purposes. This is when most people look for external video downloaders to download TikTok videos.

How many people use TikTok video downloaders?

Out of 1.534 billion TikTok users, the proportion of people who use TikTok video downloaders is very small. In fact, only 0.62% of TikTok users use external downloaders to download videos. This means that downloading TikTok videos externally using downloaders is not a very common practice. And that’s pretty much as it should be; if everybody did so, the app would simply lose its purpose.

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Should you use a TikTok video downloader?

According to search engine journal, 56% of TikTok users use TikTok becasue they can post videos they wouldn’t post elsewhere. Now, this means that TikTok users are not very comfortable with sharing their videos on other platforms. So, unethically downloading using video downloaders in order to commercially reuse the TikTok videos is not a good idea.

Do TikTok video downloaders work?

Yes, most of them do the job. However, the quality of the videos is not very good in all cases. Some downloader websites are better than others. Majority of the TikTok video downloaders have the same working mechanism – You have to insert the link of the video you want to download. Then, just click the “download button”. As soon as you click the download button, the video will download to your device.

If, for you, the ability of a downloader to download a TikTok video is “working correctly”, then yes, they do work. However, if you are even little bit concerned about quality and privacy, then there are many other things to consider:

MP4 and MP3 support

While most TikTok video downloaders support MP4 and MP3 formats. However, some of them do not. The thing here is that these two are the most common video and audio formats. If a downloader does not support these formats, then it is not a good one.


Some TikTok video downloaders do not support high-quality video downloads. This is a big problem. If you are downloading a video, you want to download it in the best quality possible. For example, a beach video in low quality is not very appealing. To find out if a downloader supports high-quality video downloads, you can check their reviews.


Many of these websites do not respect your privacy. They may collect your data and sell it to third parties. As most of them are free, the risks are higher. If the downloader looks suspicious, then it is better to avoid downloading a TikTok video from it. Some signs of a suspicious website are:

  • The website is not secure i.e. does not have a valid SSL.
  • The website does not have a contact page.
  • No “About Us” page
  • Missing privacy policy page.

A simple search on Google will give you a list of websites that can help you download TikTok videos. Some people trust any website that comes up on the first page of Google. As a TikTok video downloader may gift malwares, viruses, and other malicious software to your PC, do make sure that you are downloading only videos. For that, blocking multiple pop-ups and ads is a good idea. Most TikTok video downloaders let their users support their platform with donation. That’s a better option to support the creator.

Download speed

If the downloader is taking too much time to download a TikTok video, then it is a red flag. The platform may contain malwares, due to which the download speed is not able to reach its full potential. As such things are pretty hard to detect, it is important to be careful while downloading from such platforms. Sometimes, your slow internet speed might be the culprit, so do consider checking it too.

Download limit

Some of these websites have a download limit. This means that at first, you may think that it is free to download TikTok videos from the platform. However, after a few downloads, they will ask you to pay. This is not unethical or something. But it’s good to be aware of such things.

We have selected the best TikTok video downloaders based on the variety of factors mentioned earlier:


SnapTik is a TikTok video downloader openly stating that it does not store any videos, nor does it keep copies of downloaded videos, at its homepage. The claims also include that it does not keep track of the download histories of its users. This makes using SnapTik totally anonymous. The video downloader platform works on any mobile, pc, or tablet. It does not require you to install extensions to download videos, and is fairly easy to use.

The main specialty of this downloader is that it does not require any username to download a TikTok video. It is a perfect solution for post-editing and publishing. Also, they assure high-speed video downloading. You can either download the videos in MP4 or MP3 format. They also openly claim “no trademark on your videos.” Though, this does not necessarily mean that once you download the videos from their website, you are free to do whatever you want with the TikTok videos. If the video is not yours, the real owner of the TikTok video could still claim copyright infringement.

One good thing about downtik TikTok video downloader is the user-friendliness of the website, which most of its competitors lack. Apart from everything the above platforms offer, Downtik has a clean look, a FAQ section, which makes it really easy to use for first-time users. That’s important, as most users who visit a website to download TikTok videos visit there for the first time. Another thing that sets this website apart is the download speed. Most other websites take forever to download a single video, but with this website, you can download multiple videos in HD quality in a few seconds.


For good purposes like non-profit making and providing exposure to lesser-known artists, TikTok Video Downloader is a great tool. It is easy to find and use and can help expand your knowledge and creativity. Yes, there are good platforms to download TikTok videos. It is still important to remember that the videos are not yours. And your own privacy should always be your first priority.

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