Timeline Travel to ‘a’ Future: EP-2

Timeline Details

  • Timeline separation – From 1970
  • Timeline Present – 2053

Episode – 2: Food and Robotics

In this world, science is mostly handed over to the robots. The technological advancement in this timeline has been exceptional. The semi-conscious robots do not need to sleep, and they perceive the world in different way. Laws of physics do not apply to them – they have their own laws.

When I was in this timeline, I found out that it is quite hard to make a robot fall in love. Though they are semi-conscious, they still need to be programmed for empathy and human emotions. They have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies, which makes it very difficult for them to act like conscious beings.

When I was still in this timeline, I was discussing with one of their scientists about the origin of life. In my opinion, consciousness has to be a result of evolution. But this scientist, just like some of them on our actual Earth, believed that consciousness is an independent entity – something that can exist independently from life.

In his view, robots have consciousness because they have personalities and emotions. They have perception like humans do. To prove his point, he showed me a video about the building of a robot called Gipsy Danger in 2042 by Dr. Newton Geiszler during the KKKW War on Hong Kong. I was surprised that the video was the one of his original speeches before he died in 2043.

In this timeline, robots are not smarter than humans but smarter in a different way. I found out that robots are very smart, and they can mimic human behaviors and emotions quite naturally. They can recognize faces, voices and patterns pretty accurately. Another thing I found out that robots have the idea of perception. They can deduce things and have their own theories, which may be part of the key to making them more intelligent than us.

I tried to find my actual home – the latitude and longitude of it. And obviously, my home did not exist there, as it was built after 2070(the separation of this timeline with ours). Nor did “I” exist.

The concept of food has been completely revolutionized. People use food pills (no, they’re not like medical pills). Different food pills have different taste and even textures. Nutrients and taste can be adjusted and ins simpler words, customized’.

Smarphones do not exist. Yes, you heard it right. In this timeline, there are no such things as smartphones. And what’s more surprising is that they don’t even have a good alternative for our smartphones. The computers, though, are hi-tech, but they have limitations. Each computer has a specific area to work in, and they are very similar to machines(robots).

Some more powerful than others, some computer-like looking machines are even semi-conscious.

Wait, why are we not talking about the humans in the first place? How do they look like? What are they still needed for? Wait for the next episode.

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