Timeline Travel to ‘a’ Future: EP-3

Timeline Details

  • Timeline separation – From 1970
  • Timeline Present – 2053

Episode 3 – A free walk

The humans in this timeline are not limited to just being on the ground like they are in our world. They can be somewhere on the Moon, somewhere on Mars or at the World of Space (space station) – in space!

These people live longer than is possible for human to live up here. People, especially robots, have created a living environment that is better than the one we live in. Here, people’s life is much more relaxed and easier. Robots do most of the work for them so people do not have to worry about them . But some people still have to work in the fields or collect water and food.

Enkidu, for example, is a humanoid robot who guides astronauts in space. Generally, all robots are semi-conscious but Enkidu is more conscious than the rest. Dr Kinetik Kigen has built Enkidu with his personal research into consciousness and artificial life. He wanted to create a robot that can think outside the box – something that can mimic human emotions .

To be exact, it has emotions. But they’re not like what we have. Robots do not have empathy, a concept that humans take for granted. However, robots are capable of understanding human emotions and can mimic them in a way that makes them feel as real as possible . They need to be programmed for empathy though .

Robot scientists are working on making Robot-human cross reproduction possible. With more research, who knows, hybrid humans? Or maybe, hybrid robots…

One thing I found out that you can never stop the further development of technology. Even if these people decide to stop using robots, they would ultimately succumb to their temptation and have to have them as their pets.

In this timeline, people have a different way of life. People are no longer restricted to just the ground. Our planet is not only our home now – it is also a business place where we make money out of exporting resources and importing other materials needed for daily life.

Talking about the looks of humans, well, the looks are not that different. I mean, they still look human. They don’t have two heads or tails. But they do have a different way of life and some of them wear different clothes than the people in our world.

The way we travel is quite different here, compared to our Earth. Cars have gotten extinct long ago, by 2010s. They were replaced by HVs (Humanoid Vehicles). These HVs are really convenient and fast. But are they ground vehicles, air vehicles, or are they anything like we can imagine, in the first place? To be continued…

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