Timeline Travel to ‘a’ Future: EP-4

Timeline Details

  • Timeline separation – From 1970
  • Timeline Present – 2053

Episode – 4: What on earth are HVs?

The HVs are electric air vehicles, just like you might have guessed. Cars got extinct long ago, in the 90s. But what’s that special with those HVs? Well, they are personal air vehicles, nothing like our airplanes or complicated helicopters. Basically, HVs are helicopters, simplified.

These vehicles are safe due to their light-weight nature.

People are no longer restricted to just the ground. Our planet is not only our home now – but sky are the actual limits here. Fresh environment, no pollution, and no noise. In short, it is the exact opposite of what we now have on Earth.

One thing worth a mention is that they have not thought of Virtual Reality yet. The concept hasn’t gotten any attention at all, not even as much as our 2022.

Crime rates are significantly low, close to zero. People are not murdered or kidnapped, because everybody is protected (not by robots with guns). Just just don’t need to commit crimes anymore.

Video games are a thing here. They’re not as advanced as they are in our world but they do exist. Video games are limited to consoles and there are different games available for purchase.

Their games are not as advanced as ours, but they do exist. Video games are available for purchase and it’s like one console for one game.

Another thing much different from our timeline is that physical money is the only form of money in this timeline. They have never heard of digital money.

The buildings in this timeline are not that different. But portable shelters are just as common as permanent houses. People can take away their home whenever they want. Yes, they live in air.

We have gotten a decent glimpse of this future. In the next episode, I’ll share my fun and not-so-fun adventures in that timeline. Stay tuned…

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