You may want to avoid airlines with the cheapest tickets

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A cheap trip of any kind may sound great. But a cheap flight should make you think twice. You may want to avoid airlines with the cheapest tickets. Cheap airlines may have hidden fees, bad customer service, and may not be as safe. It’s better to spend a little bit more and have a better experience without suffering with bad airlines.

You also want to make sure the airline is safe. Unfortunately, there have been a few crashes involving airlines with cheap tickets. It’s not that the ones with the cheapest tickets are worst, or always more prone to crashes. However, if an airline’s tickets are low-priced, a nice look on airline’s safety record before booking your flight is smart.

Do your research on the airline. Firstly, read reviews, compare prices, and find out what their policies are.

Read reviews of the airline

airline reviews

In general, most people only review when they are dissatisfied with the airline. At the same time, some people are just never satisfied. On the other hand, some airlines may have manipulated reviews to show a better image of themselves. Cheap airlines are more likely to have a lower quality service, and that’s why they are cheap. Some people do not consider that while posting reviews. So, if your budget is really tight, ignore the toxic reviews that criticize the lack of luxury. Some understandably lower-end services common in airlines with the cheapest tickets include:

a. Uncomfortable seat – Calm down, it’s not life inside the plane. It’s just a few hours of your life. Cheap airlines having uncomfortable seats is not generally a concern. However, if you are pregnant, or have a back problem, you might want to avoid airlines with the cheapest tickets.

b. Lack of entertainment – You brought your own book, right?

c. Cheap food quality – Cheaper food is the first thing you expect when you choose airlines with the cheapest tickets. Unless the food is bad, there’s no need to worry. Unfortunately, it happens, due to lack of good culture in most of the cheaper airlines.

If reviews mention specific issues such as delays, then you should take that into account. One disadvantage of airlines with cheaper tickets is their consistency in bad food. Cheap food is acceptable, but some offer bad food, or even stale food. Such food can be harmful for your health. If the reviews about bad food are intense, do not consider that airline.

Compare the prices

comparing plane ticket prices

Airlines with cheaper tickets can cost as low as $0.209 per mile. In general, they have less desirable policies. For example, they may have less leg room or fewer amenities. Before finalizing the ticket, compare prices with other airlines or different suites of that airline to get the best value. Even though a plane is a few-hour trip, getting better value for money is a good practice. While comparing airlines prices, some degree of bias is only normal. But don’t get too much into over-saving or over-spending.

Find out the bad reason behind the cheap price

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You need to find out what the cheap airline’s policies are. Any airline’s policy includes things like their refund policy, allowed babbage, and included food.

Hidden fees could make your “cheap” ticket more expensive than you thought. You may not get the same quality of service, either. Some unworthy reasons behind the airline’s cheap price include:

-Older planes that are less comfortable and have fewer amenities.

-Aggressive and unhelpful staff.

-Charging you extra for food and baggage.

-Have longer wait times for customer service.

In some cases, it’s up to you to decide whether the reason is valid. For example, Allegiant Air is an airline that is known for having cheap fares, but they also have a lot of restrictions in place. Their website says that they do not refund any tickets after 24 hours. And before 24 hours, too, they refund only for flights that are to take place in a week or more. That much, still, is acceptable. But some cheap airlines have a policy to not refund even if the flight is canceled. They also have a strict baggage policy, and may only allow you to bring one personal item and one carry-on bag.

Here are the people who should avoid airlines with the cheapest tickets:


Some airlines may not have modern facilities or safety features that some older passengers may prefer. It gets concerning when an airline doesn’t have basic safety features like a comfortable seat. An old person, if given uncomfortable seats and no in-flight assistance, may have a hard time flying.


Some airlines that are the cheapest may not have features that are desirable to a younger demographic, like Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment. This could make for a very long and boring flight.

Business travelers

Many business travelers need to be able to get to their destination quickly and efficiently. As business class tickets cost $3,000 to $5000 on average, you may think of booking a business suite in cheaper airlines to save money. However, some of the cheapest airlines have a lot of stops and layovers, which can add hours to a trip. This can be very frustrating for a business traveler who is trying to get to a meeting or make a flight.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women may want to avoid airlines with the cheapest tickets because they may not have the best facilities for them. For example, some airlines may not have enough space for a pregnant woman to stretch her legs. And as earlier mentioned, uncomfortable seats can be a problem for anyone, but especially for a pregnant woman.

People with medical conditions

People with medical conditions may want to avoid airlines with cheaper tickets because they may not have the best medical facilities on board. This could be a problem if there is an emergency and the person needs medical attention.

Why do such airlines exist then?

So, does that mean airlines with the cheapest tickets are for nobody? Well, they are cheap for a reason, and cheap prices exist for a reason in the first place. If you are a energetic young person with a tight budget, you may consider such airlines. Stats do show that people who fly with affordable airlines keep on swapping them. The seats are always full, but after flying with one cheap airline, people simply do not want to return to the same.

What should you do?

choosing the best airline

A good idea would be to choose a cheaper suite from any higher-end airline. This way, you will give away nothing more than comfort, which is the best you can expect from a cheap flight ticket. Reputable airlines are less likely to feed you stale food, give you poor service, or lose your luggage. They are also more likely to have newer aircraft. So, next time you want a cheap flight, choose the cheapest suite from reputable airlines, instead of choosing airlines with the cheapest tickets. And to save some money, try and book it weeks or even months ahead of departure.

I really hope that this article helped you decide which airlines to avoid when booking your next flight!

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